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 The Unsung Heroes of Sandpoint

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The Unsung Heroes of Sandpoint Empty
PostSubject: The Unsung Heroes of Sandpoint   The Unsung Heroes of Sandpoint Icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 9:34 pm

As dawn splits the Eastern sky, our intrepid band of adventurers make their way back to the town of Sandpoint. The citizens may never know how close to utter destruction they came and it goes without saying that there would no longer BE a Sandpoint without the efforts of these brave souls. The party is greeted with friendly waves and innocent hullos as they return to the Rusty dragon.
Still there are many questions left unanswered. Is Tsuto still alive? Who was the mysterious figure whose statue adorned the lower levels of Thistletop? Is the goblin threat over? Is Thistletop now on the market?
These questions and more will be answered in our nest episode:
The Skinsaw Murders!
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The Unsung Heroes of Sandpoint
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