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 Farewell Runewell

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PostSubject: Farewell Runewell   Farewell Runewell Icon_minitimeTue Jun 15, 2010 10:32 pm

There is a tremendous crack and the Runewell tears in half. The chamber is filled with the sound of rushing water, and then wind, as small objects slide and then fly towards the well. You all take one look at each other and run. Winds blow past you and into the well, but your training and desperation to escape make it possible to do just that. As you flee the underground temple the earth shimmies sending bits of stone and lichen down all around you. You make a go for the cave leading to the beach but as you reach it the earth pitches toward the ocean and ice cold salt water blasts through the tunnel. Barely escaping the torrent of sea water, you quickly make your way up to the glassworks. Just as you reach the outer office the floor splits and the ground beneath you begins sliding into the bay. All of you leap across the chasm and crawl out of the atrium and onto the dusty road into town. As suddenly as it began the earth once again becomes still. You look behind you and see that a newly formed island with the ruins of the glassworks, now torn and crumpled, juts out from the turbulent sea. Waves crash into the void left behind and the now defunct Runewell is buried under the briny deep. Utterly shaken and exhausted you slowly make your way back into town, limping and cursing the day you heard about the Swallowtail Festival.

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Farewell Runewell
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