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 Running From the Past, Chasing the Future -- The Static Traveler

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Running From the Past, Chasing the Future -- The Static Traveler Empty
PostSubject: Running From the Past, Chasing the Future -- The Static Traveler   Running From the Past, Chasing the Future -- The Static Traveler Icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 6:16 pm

It happened again. The same dream. It doesn't matter how far I go or what diversions I can find, I can't get rid of that aweful day.

Before I get into the details of my own personal horror, allow me to point out the differences between adventurers and travelers. Adventurers seek excitement, or fame, or fortune, or power, or all of the above. Travelers, however, have a destination in mind. We have a solid goal. Not just a haphazard search for personal fulfillment, but the one thing that will make us whole again. To truly set us free.

That, in my opinion, is what separates us. I envy those I meet on the roads and rivers, forests and mountains, who travel with the utmost insouciance. Adventurers, who do what they please because they can. Even in the height of danger and the worry of death, their experiences allow them to grow as individuals. To develop into a better version of themselves.

I am not like them.

I, Antameus Sirviella, am stunted. I cannot grow. Something was taken from me and every experience I've had since has meant less than it should if it hasn't brought me closer to making myself whole again.

Now, do not get me wrong. In all my travels I have met many who say similar things about themselves, and their demeanor was usually dark and brooding, with eyes full of self pity and a mouth that utters nothing but tragedy. I am nothing like that. I acknowledge that that behavior will get me nowhere. And what I've come to realize is that that behavior has a way of enveloping the core of one's personality. When I become whole again, I don't want to be a completely different person than I was before the start of my travels! I am an elf for Desna's sake, and I take pride in my ability to approach my broken soul with a confident grin!

It is late, the stars are reflecting from this pond's still water and winking me into a drowsy state. I am convinced this is natural, and not a sleep spell from a roaming malcontent, so I shall succumb to the sleep these stars suggest I enjoy, and write more another day. Hopefully not after Drunell next time. And if non elvan eyes are reading these words, the closest translation for Drunell would be "Ill fated dreams". They are sent from Drunellia, ancient elvan goddess of awareness. She shows us that we should be on our guard, even in our sleep. Or so the supersticion goes.
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Running From the Past, Chasing the Future -- The Static Traveler
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