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 The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard

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A. Verge Bristalbeard

A. Verge Bristalbeard

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PostSubject: The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard   The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 4:34 pm

Little is known about Verge's past prior to becoming an apprentice to Mater Bristalbeard. In fact, Verge himself has little recollection of what his life was like before the gruff dwarf took him in.

About 12 years ago, one of the Grocers in town contacted Bristalbeard about replacing the lock on his Store. Bristalbeard went to the store and found the local Constable talking to the Store owner. While the LockSmith went about his business, the other two discussed the rash of "Break ins" throughout Sandpoint. What amused the Constable (although the store owners were not nearly as amused) was that very little, if anything, was stolen from the Stores. Sometimes there wasn't even any signs of someone entering the shops; the only evidence of a "break in" was the lock being picked. But when there was an actual "break in", most Store owners reported finding a few items out of place, a makeshift bed (usually made of whatever was soft and warm in the store) and maybe some Food or Candy items missing. The actual stolen items were usually only worth a few coppers. The Strange part was that despite having the opportunity, nothing of real importance or real worth was ever taken. Whoever this burgler was, he/she didn't seem to be interested in valuables.

Master Bristalbeard continued to work while the Constable attempted to sooth the angry Shop owner. When the locksmith turned to grab the correct tool to replace the 3rd tumbler, the dwarf was startled to see a young boy standing right next to him staring at his handywork. Bristlebeard hadn't even noticed the boy at all until he had accidentally touched him when reaching for his tool.

"Whoa Lad, never sneak up on a dwarf! That's a good way to get an axe to the forehead."
Without taking his eyes off of the lock, the boy reply's in Dwarven,
"What are doing?"
Startled yet again by this kid, Bristalbeard replies,
"You know Dwarven, Boy?"
The kid shrugs, his eyes never leaving the Lock.
"I don't know. What's a Dwarven?".

"What's a . . . AGHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAH Bristlebeard tilts his head back and gives a full on Belly Busting laugh that only a Dwarf can do. The laugh is so loud and so hearty that several pedestrains look over at him. Even the Shopkeeper and Constable stop their discussion to look at the Dwarf laughing by himself. Wiping away the tears, Master Bristlebeard turns back to the small boy only to notice that the kid has disappeared as quickly and quitely as he had appeared. Again shocked by the alacrity and stealth of boy, the Dwarf scanned the Street looking for him. While several small children are in amongst the afternoon crowd, Bristlebeard recognizes none of them and breifly wonders if the boy was actually there. Interrupting the Constable and Shopkeeper again, the Locksmith asks "Did either of you see where that kid went?"

Both men look confused. Seeing their confusion, Bristlebeard realizes that he was speaking in his home tongue and tries again in Common. "Did either of you see where that kid went?"

Even though he is speaking in Common, both men still seemed confused.
"What kid?" asks the Constable as he looks around the store.
"The human boy. Can't be more then 25 or 30 years old . . . wait, I guess he'd be much younger since he's human. Anyways, he was a really young child and was standing here just a few moments ago."
The ShopKeep and Constabel exchange glances. Shaking their heads and replying "No" they return to their discussion, leaving the crazy Dwarf to scan the street traffic. After failing to See the Boy in the crowd, the Dwarven Locksmith shrugs and returns to the Task at hand, all but forgetting the boy with the dwarven tongue.
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PostSubject: Re: The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard   The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02, 2010 2:37 pm

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The KeyMaster - A. Verge Bristalbeard
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