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 Sandpoint village

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PostSubject: Sandpoint village   Sandpoint village Icon_minitimeMon May 24, 2010 11:56 pm

Sandpoint village Sandpoint
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PostSubject: Village of Sandpoint   Sandpoint village Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 12:08 am

As one approaches the town of Sandpoint, the footprint of civilization
upon the Lost Coast grows more clear. Farmlands in the
outlying moors and river valleys grow more numerous, and the
blue-green waters of the Varisian Gulf bear more and more fi shing
vessels upon its surface. Passage over creeks and rivers is more
often accomplished by wooden bridge than ford, and the Lost
Coast Road itself grows wider and better-kept. Sight of Sandpoint
from either approach (south or east) is kept hidden by the large
upthrust limestone pavements known as the Devil’s Platter or the
arc of rocky outcroppings known as Whistler’s Tors, but as the fi nal
bend in the road is rounded, Sandpoint’s smoking chimneys and
bustling streets greet the traveler with open arms and the promise
of warm beds, a welcome sight indeed for those who have spent the
last few days alone on the Lost Coast Road.
From the south, entrance to Sandpoint is governed by a wooden
bridge, while from the north a low stone wall gives the town a bit
of protection. Here, the Lost Coast Road passes through a stone
gatehouse that is generally watched by one or two guards—the
southern bridge is typically unattended. Aside from the occasional
goblin, the citizens of Sandpoint have traditionally had little worries
about invasion or banditry—the region simply isn’t populated
enough to make theft a lucrative business. Hanging from a bent nail
at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign and a mirror—
painted on each sign is the message: “Welcome to Sandpoint!
Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”
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Sandpoint village Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sandpoint village   Sandpoint village Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 6:16 pm

1 Sandpoint Cathedral - Easily the largest building in Sandpoint, this impressive cathedral
is also the town’s newest structure. Built over the foundations of
the previous chapel, Sandpoint Cathedral is not dedicated to the
worship of a single deity. Rather, it gathers under its eaves the six
most commonly worshiped deities in the region, providing chapels
for all of these deities in a communal forum. In a way, Sandpoint
Cathedral is six diff erent churches under one impressive roof.
Yet even the previous chapel wasn’t the fi rst holy site in this location.
The core of both the original chapel and the new cathedral is an
open-air courtyard surrounding a set of seven standing stones themselves
surrounding a circular stone altar. These stones served the
Varisians for centuries as a place of worship; although they generally
venerated Desna at these stones, the stones themselves have a much
older tradition. Unknown to anyone alive today, the seven standing
stones once represented the seven Thassilonian schools of magic
and served as a focus for wizards who wished to direct the destructive
power of the nearby Hellstorm Flume. No one in Sandpoint suspects
the standing stones are anything more than an ancient site of worship.
Varisian oral tradition maintains that the seven stones represent
the seven towers of Desna’s otherworldly palace, but this is merely
a story perpetuated by early Varisian seers eager to hide yet another
bit of their homeland’s destructive history.
The original chapel built here was a collection of six diff erent
shrines, each its own building and connected to the others
by open-air walkways. Desna’s worship was incorporated into these shrines as part of the peace accord with the local Varisians,
but the original builders also incorporated fi ve other deities as
well. Four of these (Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Gozreh) were
patrons of the original founders of the Sandpoint Mercantile
Consortium, while the fi fth, Erastil, was the most popular among
the initial settlers.
When the chapel burnt to the ground fi ve years ago, Mayor
Deverin set into motion a bold initiative. Not only would the chapel
be rebuilt, but it would be done on a grand scale. A cathedral
would be built in place of the chapel, and it would be made of stone
and glass. Funding for this project came partially from the founding
families, partially from Sandpoint businesses eager to earn favor in
the eyes of the gods, and partially from the respective churches.
It took years to fi nish the cathedral, but the end result is truly
impressive. To the south, facing Sandpoint’s heart, are the shrines
of civilization: Erastil and Abadar. To the west, off ering a view of
the Old Light and the sea beyond, are the shrines of Shelyn and
Gozreh. And to the east, off ering a view of the Sandpoint Boneyard
and the rising sun, are the shrines of Sarenrae and Desna.
The previous chapel hosted less than a dozen acolytes, led by
a well-loved cleric named Ezakien Tobyn, who sadly perished in
the fire that claimed the church. The new high-priest of Sandpoint
is his most accomplished student, a pleasant man named
Abstalar Zantus (CG male human cleric 4). Himself a worshiper
of Desna, Abstalar is very open about matters of faith and
has slipped into the role of adviser for worshipers of other gods
of Sandpoint with ease.

2 Sandpoint Boneyard
3 The White Deer (low-cost family-run inn)
4 The Way North (maps)
5 Jeweler
6 Junker's Edge
7 Gorvi's Shack (home of the dung-sweeper)
8 Sage

9 Locksmith - A fl amboyant dwarf named Volioker Briskalberd has owned and operated Sandpoint’s locksmith
business since the town’s founding. Something of an institution,
most of the town’s locks were built by Volioker. He’s long been an
enemy of the Sczarni (see area 43), who have used both diplomacy
and intimidation in their attempts to recruit him to their side.
Volioker’s distaste for thievery and scoundrels may have its genesis
in his childhood as a street orphan in Magnimar, although he’s traditionally
close-mouthed about his past. He’s a tremendous fan of
the arts, and never misses a new show at the playhouse.

10 Sandpoint Garrison

11 Sandpoint Town Hall - The majority of the ground fl oor of this two-story building consists
of a meeting hall large enough to seat most of Sandpoint’s
adults, although town meetings have rarely been even half so well
attended. The upper fl oor contains offi ces and storerooms, while
a vault in the basement below has been functioning as the town
bank for decades. Plans to build a proper bank have been stalled
for various reasons since the town was founded. Sandpoint’s mayor,
Kendra Deverin, can
often be found in this building, tending to the town’s needs.

12 Savah's Armory
13 Risa's Place (Local's Only)
14 Rovanky Tannery

15 Red Dog Smithy - Named for its owner’s aff ection for large red mastiff s, two to three
of which can always be seen lounging about nearby, Red Dog Smithy
is owned by a bald and powerfully muscled man named DasKorvut
(LN male human fi ghter 1/expert 3). Das’s temper is, perhaps, his
true claim to fame—he has little patience for customers, and even
less for everyone else. Sandpoint suff ers his foul-mouthed attitude
and frequent drunken midnight rants because he really does
know his job. And as long as he’s busy hammering metal, he stays
relatively calm and confi ned to his smithy. The local children have
recently been circulating a somewhat cruel rhyme about Das that
they’ve taken to chanting at hopsquares, a rhyme sure to come to
an end once the smith hears it.
“Here comes crazy-man Das Korvut,
Mad as a cut snake in a wagon rut.
See how his chops go bouncity-bounce?
How many people has he trounced?
One! Two! Three! Four...”

16 Pillbugs Pantry (herbalist)

17 Bottled Solutions - This cluttered shop is filled with shelves upon shelves of bottles,
bags, and other alchemical containers, some covered with dust
and others so new that the pungent stink of their brewing still
fills the air. Nisk Tander
fancies himself a more gifted alchemist than he really is. Nisk doesn’t take kindly to people looking too closely at his
wares before they buy.

18 Cracktooth's Tavern (Theatre-style Pub)

19 House of Blue Stones (Monestary of Irori)
This long stone building is primarily a single large chamber, the
fl oor decorated with polished blue stones set within winding
pathways of reed mats. This structure was built 10 years after
Sandpoint was founded by a wandering monk named Enderaki
Sorn—today, the monastery is tended by Enderaki’s daughter,
Sabyl (LN female human monk 4), her father having passed away
seven years ago. A worshiper of Irori, the god of self-perfection
and knowledge, Sabyl maintains a large collection of old books
and scrolls in the basement chambers below. She opens both
the meditation fl oor and her library to fellow worshipers, but
others must convince her of their good intentions

20 Sandpoint Glassworks
One of the oldest industries in Sandpoint, the Glassworks has been
owned by the Kaijitsu family from the town’s inception. The glassworking
trade has been in the family for generations, and many of
their techniques—perfected in distant Minkai—result in dazzling
and impressive works that fetch top price among the nobles of Magnimar,
Korvosa, and beyond.

21 Sandpoint Savories
22 The Curious Goblin
23 Sandpoint Theatre
24 Carpenter's Guild
25 Sandpoint Lumber Mill
26 General Store

27 Turandarok Academy
As families thronged to Sandpoint, the town founders quickly
came to realize that they needed somewhere to handle the education
of children, a place to house unfortunate orphans, and somewhere
to busy older children to keep them from becoming delinquents.
The answer was the Turandarok Academy. Part school,
part orphanage, retired adventurer Ilsoari Gandethus
(LN male human wizard 4/rogue 2)
volunteered to be the academy’s
headmaster if he could have the
basement of the two-story
building to himself. The
town agreed, and today, the
rooms below the Academy are
almost a museum of the strange
things and trophies Ilsoari has
collected over his years. He
keeps these chambers locked, but
the children who attend classes on
the ground fl oor and the orphans who
live on the upper floor have countless
stories about what’s down there, ranging
from a goblin farm to a nest of phantom
spiders to the Sandpoint Devil itself.
Although the contents are much less sinister
(Ilsoari is all too happy to show off
his collection of exotic weapons, strange
maps, and monster trophies to anyone who
asks nicely), the old wizard does nothing to
dissuade the children’s tales.

28 Madame Mvashti's House
29 Grocer's Hall
30 Vernah's Fine Clothing
31 Wheen's Wagons
32 Scarnetti Mill
33 The Hagfish
34 Valdermar Fishmarket
35 Sandpoint Market
36 Sandpoint Meat Market

37 The Rusty Dragon
This large structure is Sandpoint’s oldest inn, notable for the impressive
(and quite rusty) iron dragon that looms on the building’s roof,
doubling as a lightning rod and decoration. Owned and operated
for the past six years by the lovely and popular Ameiko Kaijitsu
(CG female human aristocrat 1/bard 3/rogue 1), the Rusty Dragon is
not only one of the town’s most popular eateries (made so, in large
part, by the spicy and exotic food served here), but also a great
place to meet visitors from out of town, since most newcomers
to Sandpoint come upon this inn fi rst, the north Lost Coast Road
being less traveled. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ameiko’s exotic
beauty is more than matched by her skill at music, and few are the
evenings that pass without at least two or three songs by the talented
woman. Some bad blood exists between Ameiko and Cyrdak,
and one never seems to miss a chance to badmouth the other, but
no one in town really understands the reason behind their rivalry.
Of greater concern to Ameiko is the long-running feud with her
family—leaving town to become an adventurer scandalized her
family enough, but when she returned, rich and successful (and
with a seemingly endless supply of eccentric hairstyles), with a
desire to purchase and renovate Sandpoint’s oldest tavern, her
family offi cially took to shunning her. Ameiko claims not to care,
but becomes evasive when anyone asks her why she returned to
Sandpoint when she was obviously doing well as an adventurer.
Some believe she has a secret lover in town, while others theorize
that something happened on her last adventure that took the bravery
out of her. In any event, the Rusty Dragon is probably the most
adventurer-friendly establishment in town, with its ubiquitous
“Help Wanted” board near the bar and Ameiko’s “discount rooms
for anyone who tells an exciting adventure story” policy.

38 Goblin Squash Stables
The sign above this door perpetuates one of the greatest fears of
the lowly goblin—being trampled underfoot by a horse. Tended by
a retired hunter named Daviren Hosk (N male human ranger 4),
Daviren’s hatred of goblins is nearly legendary in Sandpoint. In a
somewhat grisly display, over the entrance to the stable’s covered
barn is his collection of goblin ears: preserved and nailed to three
diff erent rafters, each bearing the goblin’s name burned into the
leathery fl esh—mostly because Daviren knows that writing down a
goblin’s name is one of the worst things you can do to desecrate his
memory. The bitter ranger’s pride and joy is a large glass bottle fi lled
with brine in which he’s preserved the body of Chief Whartus of the
now extinct (due in large part to Daviren) Bonegrinder Tribe.

39 Two Knight Brewery
40 Sandpoint Merchantile League
41 Sandpoint Boutique
42 Fatman's Feedbag
43 The Pixie's Kitten
44 The Feathered Serpent
45 Hannah's
46 Sandpoint Shipyard
47 Valdemar Manor
48 Scarnetti Manor
49 Kaijitsu Manor
50 Deverin Manor
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Sandpoint village
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